I’m just a geezer that decided to watch every science fiction film ever made. As a genre it is, in my opinion, the pinnacle of cinema, but there is also a lot of trash of there.

And I’m gonna watch it all.

The further back you go, the thicker the stream of garbage – the 1950s and 1960s witnessed an awful lot of plop. For that reason, my list only includes movies made after 1970, with a couple of exceptions to cater for 1960s classics.

I’ve rated every film I’ve watch out of 10. For some, I’ve even written a quick review about them. For context, my average grade as of late 2019 is 5.503 – almost the exact midpoint between 1 and 10. That means a 6/10 score is above average, and an 8/10 is exceptional. 10 is reserved for the very best. Though by no means perfect necessarily, under 2% of the films on the list have got this score.

If you want even more context, I’m a English bloke born in the late ’80s. I’m sure I have plenty of irritating biases and influences, though I try to keep them to a minimum. The type of films I like are titles that provoke thinking and explore new ideas. I also like creativity, experimentation and stunning visuals. I don’t like mindless action or movies that push the realms of logic too far, which is why you might notice the scores of Independence Day and 2012 are so low.

Well, it is what it is. I hope it is of at least marginal interest to you.